Informing statement of the management to the press

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22 January 2010

Subject: Informing statement of the management to the press

Attention: Stock Exchange of Thailand

Reference made on the IQBIZ Media date 22 January 2010 that the company to reveal the statement of the Management to press, the company would like to inform more detail that.

According to the company's news " The 2009 revenue is 4,800 mil.baht comprise, revenue from Property 4,300 mill.baht and Land plot sale 550 mil.baht, and the target of 2009 revenue is 4,500 mil.baht" These sentence is just the internal estimate revenue from the company forecast compare with the 2009 revenue target at the beginning of year 2009. To therefore the investors can get the operation result of the company for the year 2009,which will be proposed to the SET, later on

Your sincerely


Chairat Kovitchindachai
Vice President, MD Office


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